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Meet the CEO and Founder of Citadel Contracting:

Nicholas Capps

He is no newcomer to the roofing industry; in fact, the company might be a new name, but he is still the same face managing the jobs.

Nick is a Native Carolinian but was raised in the hurricane headquarters – Florida. Which was the perfect state to start his career in 2011. Nick could only dream that one day it would lead him back to his home state but after five years of learning the ins and outs of roofing, providing honest work and dedication to his community, Nick was met with an opportunity in 2016 to advance in his roofing career. He teamed up with a well-known company and headed to North Carolina, where he dominated the Raleigh market with an excellent rapport within the community, as well as a large base of returned customers, resulting in the highest sales of the year. It was at that time that Nick was offered the position as an Office Manager for the Raleigh Branch. 

During those years, Nick really honed in on his personal talents for leading a successful sales team, providing encouragement and driving with motivation, perfecting communication from the sales to the customer side but most importantly understanding the needs of his clients and meeting those needs in a mature, professional fashion.

 After a successful six-year run, Nick knew he wanted to step outside his comfort zone to do something different. Something he could put his personal touches on to make his own, something that would give him financial freedom to create a future right here in North Carolina not only for himself but his family. With the encouragement of his Fiancée, family and friends, Nick took the leap and started on his own path to become one of NC hometown preferred roofing companies.

When Nick isn’t on a roof or you can’t find him in the office, you could easily run into him hiking the trails with his two loyal companions Nala & Donny, at a concert with his friends, out supporting local restaurants or exploring a new city with his future wife. Nick is also an advocate for a healthy lifestyle as a proud member of the CrossFit community. He believes the best life is what you make of it, so don’t be surprised if you find him fishing offshore or bumming it on the beach side of North Carolina any chance he gets.

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